The age of the Moon is greater than we believed so far

The_age_of_the_MoonThe Moon was formed before 4.51 billion years, only 60 million. Years after the creation of our solar system.

The new estimate -which makes the Moon older than thought until now, based on a new analysis of lunar rocks were brought to Earth in 1971, American astronauts Alan Shepard and Edgar Mitchell mission “Apollo 14”.

The age of the Moon remains a subject of scientific controversy for many years. Some scientists believe the moon was formed 100 million. Years after the creation of the solar system and planets, while others after 150-200 million. Years.
The new estimate places but the creation of the Moon farther back in time. The researchers, led by Dr Melanie Barmponi the University of California at Los Angeles (UCLA), who made a notice published in the journal «Science Advances», used a new more accurate method of dating of lunar rocks. The new “verdict” gives age 4.51 billion. Years, with an error margin of only plus / minus 10 million. Years.

Apart from the age of the moon, the table is exactly how it was created. The leading theory is that this occurred when a celestial body, the Divine, big as Mars fell on Earth and the materials ejected into space, eventually formed the Moon. Alternatively, it may not have been just a bump on the planet, but several times over millions of years, of which approximately similarly eventually created the moon.

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