The age of the Moon is greater than we believed so far

The_age_of_the_MoonThe Moon was formed before 4.51 billion years, only 60 million. Years after the creation of our solar system.

The new estimate -which makes the Moon older than thought until now, based on a new analysis of lunar rocks were brought to Earth in 1971, American astronauts Alan Shepard and Edgar Mitchell mission “Apollo 14”.

The age of the Moon remains a subject of scientific controversy for many years. Some scientists believe the moon was formed 100 million. Years after the creation of the solar system and planets, while others after 150-200 million. Years. Continue reading

Big Problem The New Damage To The “Kepler” Telescope

Kepler Space TelescopeThe space telescope ‘Kepler’ suddenly entered a state of emergency because of a problem, as announced by the American Space Agency (NASA), which began trying to save the most famous “hunter” exoplanets, but with uncertain outcome.

The telescope went into operation in 2009 and the initial phase of the mission had been completed early in 2013 due to damage, while 2014 started even with limited functionality, the second phase of the telescope (known as K2).

NASA was preparing to assign a new research mission, turning it towards the center of our galaxy, but 36 hours before the “maneuver” – the unexpected problem came up.

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Philae Robot – Woke Up 7 Months After Landing

Robot Philae06/11/2015 “Woke up” seven months after the landing of the Philae
The robot again began to “speak” with the team on Earth

The Philae robots, who were considered missing, “awakened” seven months after the lander on a comet, today announced the European Space Agency (ESA).

The ESA announced late Thursday that received signals from the robot, which began to “speak” with the team in the first Earth once fell asleep after the problematic landing of the comet in November.

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