How to delete permanently your files

Erase your Files ForeverWipe, Shred, Delete, and Erase: You can delete a file without delete, delete a diskless “sweep” to shred a file without deleting it and “wipe” hundreds of files at the same time that have already been deleted?

We refer to the four English words wipe, shred, delete and erase sometimes be used as if it is the Greek term “deletion”, but it is not.

Every word means something different is made to a file, folder, or even somewhere that looks empty, but not, for example on a hard drive, a flash drive or any other storage device.

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What is Ethereum? – Blockchain 2.0 Cryptocurrency

Etherium Cryptocurrency 2016Ethereum, is a new «Blockchain 2.0» platform for decentralized applications.

When you send a message or check your news in your Facebook application, almost always routed through central servers. The Instagram photos, your email, even Snapchat messages (that say they deleted … but are you sure?) While most do not understand how all this work, it is difficult to forget the fact that the central systems have significant weaknesses, despite (or even because of) increasing complexity. Hackers can reveal millions of people’s identities chakarontas through Ashley Madison VPN. And 56 million credit cards can be stolen from the servers of a national distributor, because, quite simply located on a server.

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What is the Dash Coins? – Cryptocurrency

Dash Coin 2016What is the Dash?

The Dash (DASH) is a digital currency spot transactions and with a key feature of the privacy. Based on Bitcoin software, but it has a network of two-level improves. The Dash allows you to maintain your anonymity while you can trade in a similar way to cash.

With Bitcoin, transactions published in blockchain can prove who made them or what are, but with the Dash anonymity technology makes it impossible to identify. This is important because the blockchain is accessible almost to anyone with access to Internet connection – a major drawback for those who do not want the history of their transactions and the balances shall be available to the public. The Dash does this through a mixing protocol using an innovative decentralized network of servers, called Masternodes, avoiding the need for a trusted third party that could jeopardize the integrity of the system.

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Bitcoin – CryptoCurrency

One of the biggest revolutions of 21st century is bitcoin. Many people and businesses are embracing bitcoin economy. Today, there is opportunity to earn free bitcoins and use them to shop online. But, what is bitcoin?
Bitcoin, also known as a crypto-currency, is a decentralized payment system that allows people to send currency to each other online without the need for a trusted third party such as a bank being involved in the whole process. The transactions are usually cheap and mostly free. This explains why it has quickly become a popular currency online. So, what are the advantages or good reasons to earn free bitcoins?
One good reason to participate in free bitcoin earning is that it is still relatively new. If you join the bitcoin economy now that it is still at infancy, you will have the opportunity to be one of the leading bitcoin earners. If you have a business, you can get publicity for it if you participate in free bitcoin earnings. Most businesses online now accept bitcoin as a mode of payment.

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Dell: Accepts payments in bitcoin

The bitcoin is a new payment option that is designed to offer greater flexibility to customers, as said the company in a statement.

Dell and BitcoinMichael Dell, founder and CEO Dell, he announced Friday via Twitter that the company will start to accept bitcoin as payment for anything you buy from the company website.

Dell company based in Texas will work on the implementation of new payment service with Coinbase company.

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Mind Control Tv Show

Mind Control Tv Show 2015An innovative system that allows users to change the TV channels with their minds is tested by the British BBC. Users can choose program focusing their thinking on the channel you want every time to see and it seems on their screen.

The “mental remote” can replace the traditional physical remote in future. The application «Mind Control TV Show» is expected to pave the paralyzed and disabled people to watch TV. On the other hand, will further restrict the movements of the average viewer, who will be left literally “nailed” in sofa.

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Ericsson Mobility Report – 70% Smartphones Usage Until 2020

Top 5 Smart Phones Android 2015Findings from the latest version of Ericsson Mobility Report, published, show that by 2020 70% of the global population will be using smartphones, and 90% will be covered by mobile broadband networks.

The report shows that growth in mature markets from a growing number of devices per person. In developing regions, comes a wave of new subscribers, as smartphones become more affordable.

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Apple Campus 2 Construction

Apple Campus 2 Construction 01Many things, has been said about the Apple Campus 2 Construction, the building spacecraft that prepares the company to house its ideas in complete privacy, in Cupertino of Santa Clara, California, United States province.

Based on the plans of architect Sir Norman Foster and inspired by the man who invented the Apple, Steve Jobs, the futuristic complex of buildings expected, to be ready in 2016 and will be just as epic and impressive as everyone expects.

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