Gymnastics and exercise: enemies of depression

jogging_woman_manPhysical exercise is for some people at least an effective treatment of depression, and even works proactively, according to three new scientific surveys.

The studies, which took into account data on over one million people, confirms that regular exercise exerts such effect on the body and the psyche, which makes people more resistant against depression.

A previous large study of 2013 had failed to reach a definitive conclusion whether the pursuit of a counterweight to depression. Some smaller studies have shown that exercise improves the symptoms of severe depression. The new studies, which evaluated all the latest data, according to “The New York Times,” seems to finally settle the question by showing that a man on the verge of depression has every reason to frequently exercised.

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The reason that we should put the nettle in our diet

Nettle in our dietNettle in ancient times enjoyed great recognition from the doctors of the time. Dioscorides and Hippocrates who discovery, used to treat and relieve many symptoms and diseases. Hippocrates in special writing books based on herbs and their benefits reported 60 different natural remedies for various diseases based on this plant, while the Galen recommended as a diuretic and laxative.
Hailing from Europe nettle belongs to the genus Urtica plants of the Urticaceae family. Their name derives from the Latin meaning essential uro burning, precisely because of the stinging caused when contacted with skin. There are more than 500 species worldwide, but particularly in Greece flourishes because of the climate and flora of our country, as the site
What are the therapeutic substances of nettle?

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4 Morning Habits That Make You Fat

If you are trying to slim down, but nothing works – see whether the error is somewhere between 7 and 10am.

Health FoodBreakfast is our favorite meal: it is very important to the diets, but this is the first bite that you put in your mouth when you wake up. It can contain everything, but it must be the proper eating combinations.

A balanced – in your opinion – breakfast though, can hide a lot of unhealthy pitfalls not only prevent you slim, but also be very fattening. See what I mean.

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Zika Virus: Worst Fears Were Confirmed

Health conditions Americans confirmed that pregnant infection with Zika virus is the cause of a genetic disorder microcephaly and serious cerebrovascular disorders in infants.

Zika Virus 2016 news

“It is now clear that the virus Zika causes microcephaly,” thats what said by Tom Frinten, director of the state for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), in a conference call with reporters yesterday. “There is no doubt that the Zika virus cause microcephaly.”

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Is Sucralose Really Safe? The Sweetener Most Commonly Known As Splenda

Sucralose 2016That little yellow packet may not be so innocent. Sucralose—the no-calorie sugar substitute most commonly known by the brand name Splenda—has been found to cause a variety of harmful biological effects in the body, according to a recent research review published in the Journal of Toxicology and Environmental Health, Part B: Critical Reviews.

Early research said that sucralose passes through your GI tract undigested, so the theory was that it had little to no effect on you. But new studies show that sucralose is actually metabolized, says study coauthor Susan S. Schiffman, PhD, an adjunct professor at North Carolina State University. Enter a slew of problems, including:

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How apple cider vinegar helps in weight loss?

Apple Cider Vinegar 2016How many times have you heard that someone puts plenty of apple cider vinegar in his food because “dissolve fats and helps alot in weight loss?” But is it true? If it’s true, what other benefits provided to health?

The vinegar in its various forms has been used for millennia for medical purposes, with Hippocrates to recommend it eg for the treatment of wounds. Nowadays, many people use it to soothe insect bites or jellyfish, and even more are those who believe that it facilitates weight loss, according to Dr Carol S.. Johnston, Deputy Director in the Nutrition Program State University of Arizona.

However to see the first results in weight loss, these people “should be very, very patient,” says the “New York Times” newspaper.

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Holes in teeth: How and why created (VIDEO)

Dental cavitiesDental cavities (holes) are formed in the two outer layers of tooth enamel and dentin. Enamel is the outer, white, hard surface and the dentin is the yellow layer just beneath the enamel.
Both layers serve to protect the inner tissue, called “slurry tooth” (pulp), where blood vessels and nerves are located. Dental cavities are common, affecting more than 90% of the population. The dimples may not cause pain and may remain unnoticed by the patient. Larger cavities can collect food and the inner pulp can become irritated by bacterial toxins, foods that are cold, hot, sour, or sweet and cause severe toothache.

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Vitamin D: Get Protected From Depression, Diabetes, And Cancer Of The Colon

Vitamin D Good for Your HealthThe production of this valuable for your health vitamin directly depends on your exposure to the sun. Therefore, summer is the period in which, with careful movement you can increase its levels in your body.

Vitamin D is very important for health. The shortage has been associated with the fracture event and other serious medical conditions. Now new research has shown that vitamin D, is good for some diseases. Learn which ones.

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