Noah’s Ark Found

Noahs Ark Ship AnchorThese stones are very similar to ancient anchors at the Bronze Age. All are thin and have an opening at the top. If the size of the anchor shows the size of the ship, then we join the pieces of history to find the historical evidence of existence, of Noah’s ark. For the Noah’s ark the information that we have through the Old Testament, official proof that the ark is in some mountains of Turkey. Many scientific clues leads us, on the trail of the great Ark of Noah. As displayed in the media and in a multitude of documentaries on a fairly regular basis.

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Ancient Giant Skeletons

Who stepped on earth 13,000 years  before?

giant skeletons foundEven now days We do not know, if really through these images we see an incredible reality or a big hoax. The consiracy theory is that we found in various parts of the world, but especially in Greece, ancient giant skeletons. In many cases their length as said, by many eyewitness exceeds the 6 meters. If it’s true, could this be one version of how megalithic monuments were built;

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