Kasteel van Mesen

Kasteel van Mesen - Castle of MesenThe Kasteel van Mesen, situated at a park area near the center of Lede, named after the last owner, the Royal Institute of Mesen (institut Royal de Messines), which is here after the World War and founded a new school, to replace the institut of Messines, which was totally destroyed during the war. The fully walled area covers an area of 7.5 hectares.

The Kasteel van Mesen was part of one of the four circular fortifications built by the rulers during the ninth and tenth century to protect against the Vikings, placed at municipality of Lede, East Flanders. It was a tall rectangular building, situated south of reinforcement and situated around a courtyard with a chapel at the southwest corner attachments.

In the 10th century, the domain became place of the successive Lords of Lede. The Bette family was the owner from the 16th to the 18th century. From this period dates the 18th century marquisate (1749), famous Florentine architect and Giovanni Niccolo Servandoni was the designers of the orangery and the stables. In the course of the 19th century, the complex was mainly used for industrial purposes, and there were a distillery, a sugar refinery or in a tobacco factory accommodated. In 1897 the castle was the domain owned by the Sisters of Kannunikessen Jupille. They built the main volume, especially the neo-Gothic dating from 1905 school building with chapel. After the First World War, the estate owned by the Royal Institute of Mesen, a setting from the time of Maria Theresa, who raised children of fallen and disabled soldiers. In 1921 they renovated the buildings with Dutch money the “Dutch Pavilion”.

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Weird Creepy And Abandoned Castles – why are mansions abandoned

There are alot of castles with centuries of Great history. Now days they are sitting abandoned around the whole world and i ask why are mansions abandoned ? What do you thing, would you dare to step inside in any of those really weird and spooky abandoned palaces? Places like:

The Miranda Castle

The Miranda Castle is at the Celles region of Belgium, firstly was occupied until World War 2 and after that, was used as orphanage and at the 80s was abandoned.

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