The age of the Moon is greater than we believed so far

The_age_of_the_MoonThe Moon was formed before 4.51 billion years, only 60 million. Years after the creation of our solar system.

The new estimate -which makes the Moon older than thought until now, based on a new analysis of lunar rocks were brought to Earth in 1971, American astronauts Alan Shepard and Edgar Mitchell mission “Apollo 14”.

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Gymnastics and exercise: enemies of depression

jogging_woman_manPhysical exercise is for some people at least an effective treatment of depression, and even works proactively, according to three new scientific surveys.

The studies, which took into account data on over one million people, confirms that regular exercise exerts such effect on the body and the psyche, which makes people more resistant against depression.

A previous large study of 2013 had failed to reach a definitive conclusion whether the pursuit of a counterweight to depression. Some smaller studies have shown that exercise improves the symptoms of severe depression. The new studies, which evaluated all the latest data, according to “The New York Times,” seems to finally settle the question by showing that a man on the verge of depression has every reason to frequently exercised.

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The reason that we should put the nettle in our diet

Nettle in our dietNettle in ancient times enjoyed great recognition from the doctors of the time. Dioscorides and Hippocrates who discovery, used to treat and relieve many symptoms and diseases. Hippocrates in special writing books based on herbs and their benefits reported 60 different natural remedies for various diseases based on this plant, while the Galen recommended as a diuretic and laxative.
Hailing from Europe nettle belongs to the genus Urtica plants of the Urticaceae family. Their name derives from the Latin meaning essential uro burning, precisely because of the stinging caused when contacted with skin. There are more than 500 species worldwide, but particularly in Greece flourishes because of the climate and flora of our country, as the site
What are the therapeutic substances of nettle?

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How to delete permanently your files

Erase your Files ForeverWipe, Shred, Delete, and Erase: You can delete a file without delete, delete a diskless “sweep” to shred a file without deleting it and “wipe” hundreds of files at the same time that have already been deleted?

We refer to the four English words wipe, shred, delete and erase sometimes be used as if it is the Greek term “deletion”, but it is not.

Every word means something different is made to a file, folder, or even somewhere that looks empty, but not, for example on a hard drive, a flash drive or any other storage device.

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Places coins on the laptop. Once you see why be sure that you copy it!

Coins on laptopI know it’s hard to solve the problem of overheating of the house and / or your office. But what if not only you but also your laptop “burns” while you are working? This is a problem that occurs in more and more modern macbooks / laptops, which have small cooling systems, which are difficult to cope with heavy use. Yet this is a problem solved very easily.

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Cockroaches at home: 6 simple and natural ways to get rid once and for all

Get rid of CockroachesThey say he is the only animal that would survive a nuclear disaster. Hardly will ever confirm it, but one for which we can be sure is that cockroaches are a large and persistent problem for most homes, especially in cities.

However, there are some simple and completely natural ways to get rid of cockroaches at home, without resorting to the use of chemicals which are harmful to the health of you and your children.

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